Project Engineer (f/m)

Project Engineer (f/m)

We are a globally well-known bulk material technology company, incorporated 1894, with headquarters in Regensdorf/Zurich (Swizerland) and subsidiaries in Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Singapore, Indonesia and USA.

We manufacture machines and plants for engineering processes, in particular pneumatic conveying systems, feeding and mixing plants. Our customers are renowned companies of the food industry, chemical industry, construction chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors.

At our affiliate in Shanghai...

... we are seeking a highly qualified Project Engineer (f/m) who is used to work independently and would be immediately available or by arrangement.

Job Title 职位: Project Engineer 项目工程师

Department 部门: Engineering 工程部

Reporting to 汇报对象: The Engineering Manager 工程经理

Authority Level 权限: As defined by the Company Authority Manual 参照公司权限说明


The  Project  Engineer  will  be  responsible  for  liaising  with  the   Client  and co-ordinating all aspects of  the contract. The main functions  will   primarily  involve  engineering  and contractual matters, however  the  Project  Engineer  may  be  requested  to  undertake  other  aspects   of  work to assist other functions of the business, both within and  outside  the  Engineering  Department.

职能: 项目工程师有责任联络客户,对合同中的各个方面进行协调,最主要是涉及工程和合同的事项,也需要给予其他部门支持。

Main Duties and Responsibilities 主要职能

  • Liaison with the Client as the Company's prime contact on all Project Management, Technical and Commercial matters. 与客户进行项目管理、技术和商务问题的讨论。
  • Responsibility for all aspects of the Project and to ensure the successful outcome of the Contract. 负责项目的各个方面以及合同的确认。
  • Visiting the Clients site for detailed discussions, site measurement and co-ordination purposes. 拜访客户,参与细节讨论、实地测量和现场协调。
  • Overall responsibility for the process design, plant layout and detail design. 全面负责工艺流程设计、平面设计及其他细节设计。
  • Liaison with the electrical control designers and manufacturers. 负责电气分包商的沟通。
  • Evaluation of technical specifications. 评估技术规范。
  • Liaison with Gericke Factory, Group Suppliers and Sub-Contractors. 参与公司总部及其他分公司的沟通。
  • Arranging and witnessing post contract product trials. 安排并见证客户 的产品测试。
  • Negotiating with Suppliers and placing of sub-orders (including writing technical specifications) via the Purchasing Department. 通过采购部的订单与供应商进行沟通(包括书写技术规范)
  • Progressing delivery of all equipment to maintain programme. 负责设备的维护计划。
  • Agreeing the Contract Programme with the Client, Sales Department and  Suppliers. The 'programme' will be loaded onto Microsoft Projects and the   Project Engineer is responsible for maintaining the 'end' date. 与客户、销售和供应商达成项目实施的意见,跟踪项目发展计划直到项目结束。
  • Maintaining the Contract Cost Control Log and ensuring that the overall budget and margins are met. 制定和跟踪项目成本记录以确保合理项目成本和利润。
  • Arranging inspection of equipment. 安排检查设备。
  • Co-ordinating deliveries and transport to 'site'. 协调货物的发货和运输。
  • Arranging the mechanical and electrical installation of the Plant and ensuring adequate 'site' supervision. 安排机械、电气工程师参与现场安装调试及确保现场足够的技术指导。
  • Arranging and participating in Plant erection and commissioning. 安排和参与设备安装及调试
  • Ensuring that the Contract is operated in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations and CDM. 确保所有项目的实施符合SHE标准。
  • Maintaining the Contract File and Reporting System in accordance with the Company's Quality System. Especially tracking cost control and project time schedule. 遵守公司相关质量体系要求,建立和维护项目技术资料的归档,尤其是成本预算及项目计划。
  • Providing all documentation required by the Contract, Operating and   Maintenance Manual and providing spare parts quotations. 整理合同里的资料,包括操作和维修手册,以及备件报价。
  • Ensuring that all 'snag lists' are completed quickly and that the Contract is closed  off by the 'signing' of the 'hand-over certificate'. 确保所有问题快速完成和合同关闭的签字移交证书。
  • On occasion, the Engineering Manager may request other duties to be undertaken. 完成工程经理指派的其他工作任务。

Qualifications Required 资格要求

  • Engineering diploma or above,  majors for mechanical design/manufacture and automation, chemical mechanics, mechatronics, process equipment and control as well as bulk material handling etc. 工科学士学位或以上,为机械设计和自动化、化工机械、机电一体化、过程设备控制以及粉体物料处理等专业.
  • Familiarity of process application ( dense phase, dilute phase, mixing and weighing etc) , process & components design regulation and standard, system equipment installation and supervision, project management and project acceptance. 熟悉物料处理的工艺应用(浓相/稀相输送、混合和称重等)、工艺设计规范和标准、系统设备安装、项目管理和项目验收.
  • Experience of engaging bulk material handling project fulfill in multi-national and local company for foods, beverage and chemical industries. 具有相关食品、饮料和化工行业内粉体物料处理项目的验收.
  • Communication internal and external for project executive;  Project Management (PM) is preferred. 参与公司内和外的项目协调沟通,具有项目管理(PM)经验优先;
  • PC skill required for AutoCAD , soliworks, 2D/3D or relative tools and software: AutoCAD, Soliworks,2D/3D. 个人电脑 技能需要 AutoCAD,Solidworks,2D / 3D 或相关工具和软件: AutoCAD,Solidworks,2D / 3D。
  • Fluent English for writing, reading and speaking. 英语说写流利.
  • Team player, adaptive for traveling and commissioning at field. 具有团队精神,适应出差和调试.

Working Relationships 工作范围

  • The main working relationship will be within the Engineering Department. However, close co-operation will be required with all other Departments within the Company. 主要负责工程部的工作,同时要求保持和参与其他部门的合作。

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...we look forward to receiving your application.

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