We are a globally well-known bulk material technology company, incorporated 1894, with headquarters in Regensdorf/Zurich (Swizerland) and subsidiaries in Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Singapore, Indonesia and USA (www.gericke.net).

We manufacture machines and plants for engineering processes, in particular pneumatic conveying systems, feeding and mixing plants. Our customers are renowned companies of the food industry, chemical industry, construction chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors.

At our affiliate in Shanghai, we are seeking a highly qualified


Project Engineer for Chemical Industry (f/m)


who is used to work independently and would be immediately available or by arrangement.

Job Title 职位: Sales Engineer for Chemical Industry 销售工程师

Department 部门: Sales Department 销售部

Reporting To 汇报对象: Sales Manager 销售经理

Authority Level 权限: As defined by the Company Authority Manual 参照公司权限说明


Function 职能:

  • Establish relationships with customers in China, who either are subsidiaries of multinational companies with headquarters in Europe or North America or with bigger Chinese companies who have the potential to become our company’s good clients in the future.
  • Identify customer projects from chemical & Petro-chemical industries which are interesting for our company to quote and where we have a good chance to get the order for project implementation.
  • Effective and efficient development and engineering of system projects in order work-out an optimum proposal for the customer regarding quality and profitability, considering customer specifications.
  • Collecting and distributing general project documentations and reference installations.
  • Have a focus on the Food and Non-food (chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical etc.) sector.


Main Duties and Responsibilities 主要职能

  • Visiting and consulting existing and new customers in China. 拜访和咨询国内的现有客户以及开发新客户。
  • Designing flow-sheets and project drawings. 设计工艺流程表及草图。
  • Engineering of complete systems (CAD) including company single components (e.g. feeder, mixer, sifter, nibbler, rotary valves, etc.) and standard components from local 3rd party suppliers (e.g. silo, sack-tip-stations, big-bag-dischargers, piping, etc.). 完整的工程系统(CAD)包括公司单一备件(例如喂料、混合、筛分、下料、旋转阀等)和第三方供应商标准件(例如存储、小袋投料、大袋投料、管道等)。
  • Requesting quotes from suppliers; make project calculations. 与供应商沟通报价,以及项目投放产量计算。
  • Work-out offers including complete scope of supply, pricing and commercial conditions. 提供供应范围、定价和商业条件。
  • Discuss projects with the customers and close deals. 与客户探讨项目及完成订单情况。
  • Support the execution of the project together with the engineering team (order confirmation). 与项目团队一起完成项目(确认订单)。
  • Make sure project is delivered on time, acc.to expected quality and quantity and also to satisfy company’s financial expectations (cost, gross margin). 达到预期质量和数量以及财务预期值(成本、毛利)的同时并及时交货。
  • Participation at exhibitions and customer seminars. 参与公司的展会以及客户的研讨会。
  • On occasion, the Sales Manager may request other duties to be undertaken. 完成销售经理指派的其他工作和任务。


Qualifications Required 资格要求

  • Engineering degree at technical University or at Higher Technical Education Institute. 工科学士学位或以上.
  • 5 to 10 years professional experience in sales engineering selling equipment to chemical & petro-chemical industry; having a working experience/background with chemical customer/design institute etc is preferable. 在相关化工和石化行业有5到10年的销售工作经验;需要与化工行业的客户或设计院沟通、拜访的经验和背景.
  • Family with chemical process standard, regulation and the other explosion-proof regulation etc such as GB for CHINA and ATEX for EU. 熟悉相关化工行业的工艺标准、法规以及其他相关行业要求如国家(GB)或欧盟ATEX防爆标准和应用.
  • Commercial experiences are an advantage for a potential candidate because of making business with customers and suppliers. 与客户和供应商有商务沟通经验者的优先考虑.
  • Knowledge and experience to use a CAD-system (AutoCAD, DWG-files). 使用CAD系统(AutoCAD,DWG文件)的知识和经验。
  • Languages: Chinese and English are a must. 优秀的英文听说写能力。
  • Availability to travel is important: there will be phases when much travel is required to make a good job; basically it is a combined job of working in the office and working close to the customer when visiting mainly customers and suppliers. 需要拜访客户和供应商,能适应出差。
  • General remarks / attitude: Loyalty, Long term focus, Open minded, positive thinking, flexible, team-oriented, communicative person, entrepreneurial spirit, self- motivated, independent, good character. 需要具备:诚信度、稳定性,积极的工作态度,团队合作精神,良好的人际沟通能力,独立性强等.


We offer

  • We are a Swiss multinational company.
  • We can offer an interesting job in a growing structure.
  • There is potential for career steps towards regional sales engineer and regional sales manager, also further development is possible, when performance and profile are inline.
  • We offer training courses in-house and in our affiliated companies in Singapore or Europe.


  • 我们是一家瑞士集团公司,在欧洲、北美、亚洲都有分公司,我们将提供一个很好的发展平台,未来的发展方向是区域销售工程师和区域销售经理,公司会组织内部培训以及欧洲、新加坡等关联公司的培训机会。

If you are interested in this position, we look forward to receiving your application. Please email your resume, including career aspirations and salary history, to gericke.cn@gericke.net.

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