Mission Statement.

Gericke designs and manufactures powder processing equipment and systems. The company's main activities encompass the automatic bulk material handling from raw materials reception to process and filling lines. Gericke is a specialist in techno­logically innovative feeding and mixing processes that add value. Its complementary technologies include size-reduction and sieving of products in powder form or gran­ules.

Gericke strives to develop products that will give its customers a competitive edge.

Gericke's state-of-the-art solutions are based on continuous innovation, linked to su­perior product reliability and professional aftercare. Gericke aims to provide its cus­tomers with outstanding advisory and engineering know-how in the field of powder and bulk processes for their maximum benefit!

Gericke believes that alertness and sincerity in its relations with customers, with sup­pliers and with employees is capable of generating a positive atmosphere and of en­hancing satisfaction at the workplace.

Gericke endeavours to treat its employees with dignity and respect and to provide them with an environment in which they can thrive. In return, Gericke expects its em­ployees to conduct themselves responsibility and creatively and demonstrate an en­trepreneurial flair.

Gericke considers that effective financial management provides the foundation for the company's development, which ultimately benefits its customers, its employees and its shareholders.

Markus H. Gericke


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