The history of Gericke.

In the summer of 1894, Walter H. Gericke set up the company "W. Gericke, machinery factory grinder and related industries" in the industrial district of Zurich on Sihlquai.

At that time, flour mills were among the first industries to incorporate automatic handling systems for bulk solids. Operations such as cleaning, conveying, storing, discharging, feeding, grinding, mixing, separating, de-dusting and bagging were already being developed.

From 1924 the two sons of the founder, Otto H. Gericke and Walter H. Gericke, carried on the successful management of the expanding business. Numerous new developments fell into this time. The property Sihlquai 73-75 near Zurich's main railway station was acquired and developed over the time.

The tradition of quality and innovation laid down in the early years, continued as the second generation of the Gericke family came into the company. Pneumatic conveying, a principle pioneered by Gericke, set new standards in powder handling technology.

New product development was very often a team success, and as a partnership the technical designer O. Soder and Gericke jointly developed a revolutionary new roller mill incorporating a horizontal millstone and stone segment. This patented design produced considerably improved flour yields for millers throughout the thirties and forties.


With the emerging influence of the third Gericke family, the company established a strong development philosophy for expansion and growth.

  1. The intensification of research into more advanced pneumatic conveying, feeding and mixing of bulk solids, both through the company's own development and through licences.
  2. The international expansion of the company by establishing subsidiaries in key countries and through a worldwide licencing plan.
  3. The delegation of responsibility and the development of employees. Gericke quickly recognised the importance and the potential of a well trained and motivated workforce. People are the company's greatest asset and hold a key position in all future development plans.
  4. The Gericke Group continues its independent course under the management of the 4th generation. The focus lies on achieving sustaining customer satisfaction around the world.

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