Gericke Press Releases

Gericke RotaVal EHDM rotary valve designed for abrasive powders

Rotary valves operate under various conditions. They feed, convey or isolate powders of the most different characteristics.


Gericke Significantly Expands its Global Footprint

The Gericke Group operates a number of own subsidiaries around the globe. They cover many of the key markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas with local sales, engineering and service teams. In addition, Gericke also works with carefully selected partners in many additional territories.


Mixing of powders – New challenges concerning allergen handling, avoiding cross contamination and minimising cleaning downtime

Mixing of powders is an essential process in various industries from chemical, pharmaceutical to food. Short mixing times and excellent homogeneity while offering gentle product handling are standard challenges in defining modern mixing processes.


Flour screening in mills and industrial bakeries

For more than 70 years Gericke has been producing and selling a complete range of flour sifting machines for mills and industrial bakeries worldwide. The purpose of these centrifugal sifters is to remove foreign bodies from the various flour qualities. This allows the flour quality to be kept constant and clean.


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