Feeding of powdered activated carbon for water treatment applications.

Gericke offers turnkey systems for sewage plant, for the elimination of organic trace substances with powdered activated carbon. The system named AK-Dos was created in collaboration with the company Kopf. The system exists in different versions and is composed of:

  • Storage silo
  • Preconveyor
  • Gravimetric feeding station
  • Continuous mixing device
  • Whole precipitant and flocculent feeding


The system is able to weight to the nearest gram the amount of powdered activated carbon spread in the water. Other ingredients are also included in the dosage, proportional to the waste water amount.

The best of two worlds

The knowledge and the experience of Sülzle Kopf combined with the trendsetting powder processing of Gericke makes the AK-DOS system a leading product in the dosing of active carbon for the sewage plant. The result is a compact and extremely rentable system, which is easy to handle and stays economical. Gericke feeding systems are adjusted for the AK-DOS and can, thanks to a modular system, be integrates in different waste-water treatment system.