Conveying technology for fish farms.

Gericke pneumatic conveying systems assist operators of fish farms with efficient operation without environmental damage

The solution from Gericke also has significantly lower energy consumption than other pneumatic conveying systems.The operator of a fish farm can save compressed air, which requires an energy-intensive compression process to generate it. This is an important advantage for the efficiency and economy of the overall system, particularly for fully automatic systems such as the feed barges a type of floating feeding station.


The Gericke pneumatic conveying system is also noted for its very high standard of hygiene. This prevents pathogens from entering the fish enclosures with the food.

The fish feed goes through a number of transport procedures before it reaches the fish (see picture above).The soft pellets should be subjected to as little abrasion as possible in spite of the many transfer processes. Gericke pulse flow technology provides extremely gentle transport. The pellets are transported so smoothly that there is virtually no abrasion. This is important, because the fish are often very selective about their feed. If the soft feed pieces are too severely damaged the fish will ignore them. Uneaten fish pellets causes a serious problem for the water quality in and around the fish cages. Therefore the gentle transport of the pellets is very important.

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