Sack Tipping and Feeding Stations by Gericke.

Controlling Dust, Managing Product, Easing Operation

Gericke sack tipping and feeding stations are ergonomically designed to provide safe handling for all types of sacks and boxes whilst controlling and reducing dust emissions.

The main door is hinged at the top and securely supported by telescopic gas springs. Access to rotating downstream machinery is prevented by a safety mesh.

Principle of operation.

The operator places the sack onto a rest platform, which is enclosed within an extracted cabinet. The bag is cut open and the contents tipped into a surge hopper or directly into process machinery. The laminar flow within the station provided by an extract fan ensures that the dust laden air is carried way from the operator and back into the enclosure.

The air is filtered through porous cartridge elements, which are cleaned by an automatic compressed air, reverse jet arrangement operated only when the main door is closed after making contact with a position switch. This feature provides additional protection for the operator from exposure to dust clouds.

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