Easydos Pro - The ultimate feeding solution from Gericke.

Easydos™ Pro – the controller for gravimetric feeding systems made by Gericke.

The controller is the heart of every gravimetric feeding system. The Easydos Pro is an innovative feeding and weighing system,which can be used for batch applications, continuous gravimetric feeders (loss-in-weight), as well as for the belt weigh control. Flow meters can also be linked to the controller. 

Accurate feeding is a fundamental requirement for high quality products. Easydos Pro is a complete solution for many different feeding and weighing applications. Its modular concept and flexibility can be adapted to meet the needs of most plant operators.

Easydos Pro, controller for loss-in-weight feeders and belt weigh feeders.

Principle of operation.

Controller designed for the industrial use with changing products and varying product characteristics.


Adaptive control algorithm using roling feedrate profiles. Variations of the bulk density are compensated. Self-optimising operation.


Easydos can be used as autonomous controller for a single loss-in-weight feeder or integrated into PLC and ERP systems.


The explicit menu navigation makes operation simple.

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