Gravimetric Loss-in-Weight Feeders by Gericke.

Gravimetric Loss-in-Weight Feeders

The gravimetric feeding method involves either weighing a requested quantity as a batch or feeding a constant mass flow over time. The choice depends on the process that can be made continuously or in batch mode.

Gericke Loss-in-Weight Feeders generate a controlled, absolutely constant mass flow, as required in mixing processes or extruder infeed.

Robust, reliable and durable construction was the main focus during the development of the series for the Gericke Loss-in- Weight- Feeders with tare compensation DIW-KE, 50, 200 and DIW-E.

As low-cost, compact alternative without tare compensation, the loss-in-weight feeder with 3 robust load cells type DIW3E can be used. The weighing hopper and the feeder are mounted in a frame by individual hopper sizes are realisable.

New in the product line is the twin-screw-feeder type DIW-PE-GZD. A hygiene unit which can be completely disassembled for maximum process requirements.

For the refill of the weigh feeders, Gericke offers perfectly coordinated systems such as pneumatic conveyors or volumetric feeders.

Principle of operation.

Hybrid system with tare compensation

Platform weigh feeders.

The feeders are mounted on stable platforms with high-performance weighing technology.

Applications: Small to medium feed rates

Loss-in-Weight-Feeders with three load cells.

The hopper and feeder are mounted in a frame. Weight calculation is carried out by three robust load cells.

Application: Multi-component feeding systems in the food industry and chemical applications.

Hybrid feeders with tare- compensated weighing system.

The weight of the hopper and feeder is compensated by a spring or a counterbalance which ensures that only the bulk material in the hopper is weighed. This means that the complete resolution of the load cell is available.

Loss-in-weight feeder type DIW-KE GLD87

Area of application.

Food Industry.

Cereals, muesli bars, sugar mixtures, milk powder, diet breakfast drinks, salt iodisation, fluoridation, aromatisation

Premixes for extrusion, detergents, pesticides, fertilizers, building materials

Pharmaceutical industry.

Production of vitamins and active ingredients 

Plastics industry.

Processing of plastic, films, coatings,


Flue gas cleaning, water processing, diesel particle filters

Hybrid feeder type DIWE-200



  • Highly precise feeding concentrating on feeding accuracy and consistent metering 
    Exact reproducibility of the feed flow
  • The modular design makes disassembly quick and easy
  • Resistance to external influences such as shocks and oscillation
  • Specialised hygiene model in accordance with EHEDG
  • ATEX-compatible models
  • Fast integration of Gericke Easydos Pro Controller in a wide range of controller environments
  • Optimum adjustment of interfaces to upstream or downstream process
  • Perfect integration with Gericke Continuous Mixers

Platform weigh feeders.

  • Compact devices, easily installed, protected electronics.

Loss-in-weight feeder with three load cells.

  • Compact installation options, any hopper size available, hygienic design.
  • Hybrid feeders with tare-compensated weighing system:
    Weight of unit is balanced out, protected measuring cell, robust, resistant to disturbances.
Gravimetric Feeder DIW-E-GAC233F-550VR


Gericke loss-in-weight feeders and weigh belt feeders cover a throughput range from approx. 0,2 l/h up to 65.000 l/h depending on the bulk material characteristics. The complete and approved setup of the gravimetric systems reduce installation and commissioning cost.

In general, a gravimetric system consists of: frame with load cells and feeding device, frequency inverters, hopper with lid and inlet and venting spigots and flexible connection sleeves.

Important options and execution variants.

  • Agitator in the hopper
  • Pressure compensation
  • Compact venting filter for micro feeders
  • Inspection trap for frequent controls
  • Weighing frame in stainless steel or special chemical resistant alloys
  • Various shape of hoppers for bad flowing powders or fibres or specific process requirements
  • Level probes in refill hoppers
  • Coated hoppers for abrasion or corrosion resistant surface
  • Special outlet tubes, extralong feeding tools and helix geometries
  • Hygienic execution with polished surface, deposit free construction, drive and dosing unit dismantable, aseptic drives
  • ATEX cat 2 and 3

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