Volumetric feeders by Gericke.

Volumetric Feeder

Proven design with thousands of running applications. Gericke feeders are designed for the accurate dosing of various bulk materials. The throughput ranges from 0.2 to 77,000 l/.

Gericke offers suitable feeding solutions also for liquids. The high metering accuracy, the modular design and robust construction of the Gericke feeders have created values for many years in various industries, such as:

  • Chemistry
  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Construction chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Detergents
Principle of operation feeder

Principle of operation.

Accurate metering of bulk solids is achieved using a spiral helix, screw, rotary valve, rotating agitator, vibrating tray or cylindrical stator. Even in the volumetric mode, the feedrate remains constant under the condition of a repeatable fill level and an even bulk density of the powder which provides a continuous filling degree of the metering helix.

Important parameters for a precise dosing:

1. Uniform subsequent flow in the hopper by means of agitator and adapted auger shape
2.  Uniform bulk density and feeding in helix and screw by using intromitters.
3. Correct selection of the auger and metering tube

A linear volumetric feeder is also a prerequisite for a good gravimetric feeding.

Volumetric  feeder GDU451 and gravimetric feeder DIWE200

Area of application.

Food Industry.

Cereals, muesli bars, sugar mixtures, milk powder, diet breakfast drinks, salt iodisation, fluoridation, aromatisation

Chemical industry.

Premixes for extrusion, detergents, pesticides, fertilizers, building materials

Pharmaceutical industry.

Production of vitamins and active ingredients

Plastics industry.

Processing of plastic, films, coatings


Flue gas cleaning, water processing, diesel particle filters. The feeders can be adjusted to the process requirements.


Volumetric feeder GAC-207
  • Robust construction, almost unlimited life
  • Hygienic models (EHEDG)
  • Optimal adaptation to existing installations by variable length adaptation of the metering screws
  • High linearity of the feeders on the entire capacity range
  • Large product entries ensure a optimum filling of the metering screw
  • Different metering helixes and executions with homogeniser are available for various product requirements
  • Wide capacity range
  • A variety of different outlets and hopper sizes allow an optimal adaptation to the process and the existing installation situation
  • Special feeders for raisins and fruits
  • Optional: additional bridge breakers can be mounted to ensure the subsequent flow of cohesive, hard caking and viscous products


Volumetric feeder GDU451

Available capacity range from approx. 0.2 l/h to approx. 77.000 l/h depending on the bulk characteristics.

Standard feeders.

Feeder, drive with integrated or external frequency inverter, hopper with/without lid in the inlet and venting spigots and flexible connection sleeves, depending on the feeder model with horizontal or concentric agitator.


  • Additional vertical bridge breaker in the hopper
  • Different ATEX versions
  • Special filter systems for small scale feeders
  • Special paintings
  • Different hopper sizes available
  • Shaft sealing with air-purging
  • Level monitoring in the hopper
  • Hopper PTFE coated
  • Various outlets, feed screws and screw geometries available
  • Special hygienic versions with additional inspection opening and outlets
  • Pressure tight design
  • Special feeders for raisins and dried fruits
  • Diverse surface finishes and coatings e. g. PTFE, electropolished, grounded versions