Weigh Belt Feeders by Gericke.

Weigh belt feeder

Belt weigh feeders from Gericke are designed to suit the requirements from the chemical and food industry. They are compact and can be placed in areas with low headroom availability. 

The design of Gericke’s weigh belt feeders reduces product deposit to a minimum and facilitated cleaning. Executions for ATEX zones and different materials available.

Principle of operation.

Principle of operation belt weigh feeder: The bulk material is transported over a weighing section and the flow controlled.

A weigh belt feeder enables a continuous, controlled product flow. The bulk material is transported over a weighing section, placed in the feeder frame. The federate is calculated and the speed of the belt adjusted to maintain a constant feed rate.
If the purpose of the belt feeder is to register the throughput only, the speed of the belt remains constant and the mass flow and cumulative weight is registered.

Area of application.

Applications of the weight belt feeder


  • Food, Pharmaceutical oder Chemical Industry
  • Feeding of free-flowing crumbly, fragmented bulk goods either in continuous or in batch mode
  • Examples: Cereals (e.g. oat- or wheat flakes, etc.), nuts, candy, detergents, pellets


Hybrid feeder DIWE-200

Belt weigh feeder.

  • Short set-up times when switching between various products
  • Highly flexible in terms of feeding capacity and positioning
  • Easy handling for day-to-day operations, cleaning and maintenance processes
  • Low investment costs when expanding or re-structuring production lines
  • High throughput with compact footprint
  • Gentle product conveying with high levels of precision (typically ± 0.5%)
  • Fast recipe changeover thanks to excellent accessibility and easy belt change (no removal of belt unit required)
  • Perfect process control thanks to large inspection windows
  • Screw-in lifting eyes for easy transportation in flexible production lines
  • Modular design (body with feeding unit/inlet/outlet) supports easy adaption for use with various types of bulk goods

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