Mixing value with efficiency.


Since its formation GERICKE has led the way with state of the art mixing technology to ensure maximum added value and consistent homogeneity for both intermediate and finished products including the most delicate ingredients.

Bespoke solutions. To satisfy even the most complex mixing requirements, Gericke can custom-create complete mixing lines including product reception, storage, recipe preparation, mixing and conditioning. Gericke's world renowned mixing turnkey packages can also integrate every processing stage from feeding to mixing into a single line to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Masters in mixing technology. When space is at a premium Gericke’s continuous mixing systems offer the ideal solution. Gericke can also provide full recipe management programs incorporating feeding and flow control for maximum mixing consistency. When the process involves multiple components and frequent product changes Gericke batch mixing stations are used.

Gericke's unique experience also covers reaction processes such as agglomeration, granulation, coating and heat transfer, which are vital for product innovation.