Control and Automation

Manage your pressure dense phase conveying process in a comfortable and reliable way with the STP 61 controller. Independently, if run it as single unit or integrated into a PLC environment via various types of buses or communication protocols.

You gain flexibility and save costs as the programming is done and approved, and you can operate the conveying system independently from the status of the PLC. This is an advantage during commissioning and maintenance of your plant.


  • Stand alone or embedded in a plant control system
  • Colour touch screen display with graphics
  • Automatic or manual mode possible (can be interlocked)
  • 14 languages installed including Mandarin
  • Alarm output and loging
  • Data storage on USB
  • Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet
  • Standalone or integrated into housing


  • Selection of various conveying modes 
  • Cost savings thanks to ready to use solution
  • Quicker start up after commisioning, shifts or maintenance work
  • Intuitive operation
  • Connectivity via Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Minimises air consumption, thus energy saving

Wiring and pneumatic facilities

The proper design and installation of cables and cable trays and facilities influence the comfort, safety and acessibility of the system. During the engineering stage, aspects such as cleanability and labelling of the various electrical or pneumatic accessories flow into the layout of the plant.

Productivity and safety with pneumatic conveying systems

Dust free, product preserving, energy efficient are some aspects that you are looking when selecting your bulk material transport system. 

Pneumatic conveying systems are operator friendly and are the preferred option for an automated powder conveying and loading of process machines like reactors, mixers, weighing and batching stations. 

Mobile pneumatic valve for emptying silo vehicles

This product has been developed with the STP 61 control system for product-friendly transport from tanker. This effectively reduces the formation of fines during production.

Big Bag Emptying

Big Bag Unloader with integrated conveying. Safety screening and magnet as option. Dustfree and safe operation.

Drum unloading with vacuum conveying.

Suction pneumatics for emptying barrels or from BBU Big Bag Unlader®. Simple systems, pneumatic or electrical control.

Double vessel continuous transfer

Double transmitters are alternately filled and emptied, to provide a continuous flow of product. The advantages are the high performance, long conveying distances and lower overall height. The control of double transmitter is medium control unit STP 61 very easy to implement.

Sack tipping with conveying

Sack tipping with lump breaker Nibbler® and dense phase pressure conveying. Accurate process control with weighed sender container.

Test Centre

Gericke Test Centres in all continents increase your planning speed and offer the provision of relevant process data in a uncomplicated and fast way. You bring your product, we run the trials with original machines, you analyse the output in your laboratory.