Diverter Valves

The possibility of using diverter valves in a pipeline to divert or converge product streams makes pneumatic conveying technology so flexible.

Gericke offers diverter valves for lean phase as well as for dense phase conveying. The PS pipe selector valve is a hygienic, inspectable design, used for health food and nutrition segments.  

For further information on the Gericke Rotaval diverter valves, please visit rotaval.co.uk

PS Pipe selector

The PS pipe selector valve is a unique design for hygienic applications. It allows the inspection and cleaning of all parts within the valve. This is a big advantage over plug diverters. 


  • Fully dismantable
  • Complete quality control on internal parts
  • Full range of surface finishes available
  • Constant through bore section
  • ATEX approved

General duty Gericke PTD

This plug diverter valve Gericke PTD is the most frequently used diverter valve. The cost effective proce range and its simple design makes the PTD valve suitable for so many applications.

Heavy Duty Diverter Valves Gericke Rotaval TBS

The heavy duty TBS and TBN diverter valves include Nylatron spring loaded seals (TBN) or inflateable seals suitable for conveying systems up to 5 barg. They are designed for heavy duty use in Chemical, Mineral, Power&Biomass, Petrochemical or recycling industries.


  • Very high sealing level
  • Robust heavy duty casting
  • TBN run without additional control box gastight up to 2barg
  • TBS is delivered with control box, gastight up to 5 barg

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