GB Elbow

Increase the lifetime of bends for pneumatic conveying of abrasive materials with the Gericke Bend type GB.

Due to the special vortex chamber, the wear rate of bends for pneumatic conveying is drastically reduced. The lifetime cycle will be prolonged and the  maintenance and downtime costs reduced.

  • The elbow prevents wear and operating failure when conveying abrasives
  • It reduces breakage and dusting of fragile bulk materials
  • It avoids formation of angel hair
  • It is a space saving way to divert the conveying pipe direction by 90 degrees

Principle of operation

The conveyed product changes direction due to the deflection in the special vortex chamber and not due to the impact on the bend wall. Therefore the Gericke Bend significantly reduces wear and failure for pneumatic conveying of abrasive bulk materials. The spherical body shape influences an increase of pressure loss to a minimal extent only.

Consequently it will reduce maintenance and downtime costs of the conveying system.

Area of application

  • The Gericke Bend can be used for pneumatic conveying of abrasive materials in dense or lean phase, and in positive or negative pressure (vacuum) conveying systems.
  • It can be used for both powders and pellets.
  • It further prevents streamers and angel hair when conveying plastic pellets.
  • With its small radius it is often the only way to connect a pipeline to a receiver.


Wear resistant bend for pneumatic conveying systems of abrasive materials:

  • Dense phase (except PulseFlow) or lean phase
  • Positive pressure or negative pressure (vacuum)
  • For powders and pellets

Eliminates problems such as:

  • Wear
  • Fines & dust creation
  • Streamers and angel hair
  • Turbulence
  • Noise
  • Heat


  • Maintenance & operating costs 
  • Lost product
  • Downtime costs


  • The Gericke Bends are available in sizes from DN50 up to DN200.
  • Standard material is modular cast Iron (GGG-70) with a very high hardness. Optional stainless steel cast 1.4408 can be delivered.
  • Flange dimensions DIN EN1092-1 PN16. ANSI on request.

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Gericke Elbow Type GB