Lean Phase Conveying

Lean phase conveying systems are the elementary solution for transfering bulk materials that do not require particle preservation and are not abrasive.

It's advantage lies in the versatility of products that can be conveyed as well as in the space saving setup. 

The Gericke Rotaval range includes easy clean valves, welded and machined stainless steel bodies for Pharma and hygienic executions for nutrition.

Principle of Operation

The product is usually introduced by means of a rotary valve into the piping system.  A sufficiently high gas velocity (typically >20m/s) is required to keep the particles in suspension (keep the particles "flying") and to convey the bulk solids into the receiving hopper. Gericke's airlocks and the configuration of the product intake minimises the damage of the equipment by the inavoidable leakage air.

Area of applications

  • For coarse and fine flowing powders, grains and granules
  • Silo discharge 
  • Sack tipping
  • Combination with Big Bag unloader
  • Nitrogen conveying with closed N2 loop
  • Replaceable parts for abrasive material
  • The system can run continuously or in batches.
  • Gericke Rotaval valves can be used as autonomous safety device to isolate various ATEX zones, the valve mitigates flame propagation.


  • Gericke lean phase conveying systems are economical and reliable solutions  
  • Budget friendly
  • Simple setup of the system
  • Little headroom necessary for installation. 
  • The througput can be varied by the speed of the rotor. 
  • Lean phase conveying systems can be used with in-line sifter for screening applications.
  • Gericke Rotaval valves are available as easy to clean extractable units or with re-enforced replaceable blade inserts

For more information about rotary valves please visit rotaval.co.uk