Receiving hoppers, filters

A conveying system needs correct design and layout of its pipeline, receiving hopper and filter.

The benefit is small air consumption, trouble free transport and reliable separation of the conveying gas and the particles. Should your quality management require a regular check of the pipeline and cleaning of its parts, Gericke can provide you with a suitable design and construction details.


Gericke takes care of:

  • Layout planning
  • Correct diameters
  • Hygienic, quick release or standard flange connections
  • Pipe support and accessability
  • Sight glasses
  • Shut off valves

Bag Filters

Large filter surfaces with filter bags make sure, your product separation happens smooth and complete, that sticky particles do not clog the filter media. Airblow cleaning cycles either controlled by timer or pressure differential, maintain the necessary filter cake at the correct thickness. Gericke keeps filter bags on stock for a quick replacement.

Antistatic and washable version available.

Cartridge Filters

For limited space or frequent product change, cartridge filters are a preferred alternative. The filter cartridges offer a large surface for the size and can be easily replaced when crosscontamination must be avoided.

Cartridge filters can be integrated into the receiving hopper for minimal space requirements.

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