Gericke as a pioneer in pneumatic conveying technology

Founded 1894 Gericke played a significant role in the development and dissemination of pneumatic conveying.

In the 1940's of last century, Gericke sold pneumatic conveying lines and elevators for flour mills. Rotary valves have been used for the feeding into the pipeline and as an airlock. Cyclone separators assured a sharp separation of powder from conveying gas. 

Shortly after, requests for higher efficiency and product protection grew, so that pressure vessels were used instead of the rotary valves. Higher pressures and a better control of air intake led to lower conveying velocity. This fact reduces the product breakage and the wear of pipeline. 

Gericke installed more than 9000 conveying systems in its history. Almost all major multinational and national companies are running Gericke conveying technology. Efficiency, long product life cycle, minimal maintenance cost, quick responding service some of their benefits!