Rotary and Diverter Valves

Gericke RotaVal has over 45 years’ experience in the supply of Rotary, Diverter and Special Application Valves.  Our high quality economically-priced rotary valves have been carefully designed to meet the exacting demands of modern bulk handling systems.  They are manufactured in the United Kingdom and have been since 1970.

Rotary Valves
Foreign Body Detection Systems

RotaVal manufacture valves to suit a wide range of products and industries. We are able to analyse your requirements and provide a solution that would best suit your needs.

The Hypergienic Rang is best suited for environments that require a high level of sanitation in their process. The innovative and flexible design allows for variations to individual units to be included to meet customer specific requirements

  • Super fast and easy to clean (requires no special tools and can be done in under 4 minutes!)
  • USDA Dairy Accepted and EHEDG Certified
  • Low lifetime cost

The EHD (Extra Heavy Duty) Range is most suited to the harder wearing products. The main components are fully replaceable, ensuring the main body is protected from any damage that may be caused by conveyed material.

RotaVal also offer a wide range of additional products such as coupling and foreign body detection systems. The RotaSafe Contact Monitor has been designed to instantly detect contact between the rotor and valve housing, which will isolate the power to the drive motor. This would be most beneficial where metal to metal contact could cause significant issues.

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