Save Time and Money with Competent Engineering and Project Management Planning, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of complete systems are tailored by Gericke to meet the customer’s needs and the bulk solids used.

Experiments and trials in our technical centres support the choice of components used and the design of the processes. Consistent project management and complete documentation are key to successful projects at Gericke.

Planning phase

During this phase the focus is on the development of the right process solution and the choice of suitable machines.

  • New systems or modernization and expansion of existing facilities
  • Solution search and evaluation of the possibilities
  • Trials and testing in our test centers
  • Determination of the process technology and performance balance
  • Cost and time planning
  • Determining the cost base of investment appraisals

Engineering phase

During the detailed layout planning phase, we create 3D models, including the installation and assembly drawings. Risk assessments during the planning, realization and operation phases are also an important aspect.

  • Project management
  • Risk analysis
  • EX concept
  • Automation, control
  • Qualification, validation
  • Documentation

Realization phase

During system commissioning, the Service Team has the lead at the construction site. Construction and   assembly supervision, control of the assembly team, coordination of the logistics and enforcement of safety at the construction site are central tasks.

While the system is being commissioned, the test runs of the individual components and the controller are performed, initially as a sequential test of the automation, then with the product, and finally as a complete process.

  • Construction site supervision
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Training of local staff

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