Continuous Manufacturing of Oral Solid Dosages

Our Continuous Manufacturing Modules combine high precision loss in weight feeders with scientifically designed compact mixers and integrated PAT solutions.

The module can supply mixtures of up to 6 components to:

  • Direct Compression
  • Wet or Dry Granulation
  • Hot Melt Extrusion
  • Sachet or Capsule Filling
  • As individual unit operation for formulation development

Gericke continuous mixing process technologies are ideally suited to the new era of efficient solid dose pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our systems are fully developed, and in use at various sites and have been approved by customers and the FDA.

Advantages of Continuous Manufacturing

General: Strengths of continuous processing in the context of mixing solidsRelevance for pharmaceutical solids production
Same equipment during clinical trials and commercial productionShorter development time, as the same feeding/mixing module is used. No scale up needed. To increase the "batch size", you extend the production time.
Easy to integrate into an existing continuous process.Compression, extrusion and roller compacting become continuous processes.
Continuous mixing system takes up less space, thanks to the compact dimensions of the equipment.Amount of space required by a feeding/mixing module for 4-6 components is 2*2*2 meters
Less risk of demixing, as the process volume is smaller and there is no need to empty large-volume batch mixers or intermediate tanks. Much less material is stored temporarly.Continuous mixer with a volume of 1-10 litres. Production time required to turn the raw material into a tablet = 5 minutes - "process intensification".
The fully automated process cuts operating costs. The manufacturing process and the product quality are assured by means of sophisticated measurement and control technology.The continuous feeding and weighing technology represents an integrated P(process) A(nalytical) T(echnology) solution that can ensure a formulation accuracy of 0.1 - 0.5% thanks to its high-resolution timing and weighing.
Improved product quality - the highly homogeneous shear rate and limited residence time distribution mean that the product is subject to very even levels of stress.Very gentle processing of sensitive products thanks to low speeds and minimal drop heights as well as short mixing times of less than 30 seconds.
Less waste.

GERICKE Continuous Feeding Mixing Module


Advantages of our module

  • A Turn key solution: Skid mounted system including loss in weight feeders, contained refilling equipment, continuous mixer and PAT solutions for quick and seamless start-up 
  • Optimized access to equipment to allow fast cleaning and product changes with minimal down time
  • Flexibility with downstream processes such as direct compression, wet/dry granulation or as individual unit operation for formulation delevopment purposes
  • Modular design with interchangeable feeders to suite needs of various processed materials and through put rates
  • Compact mixer for even lowest througputs with minimal start up losses with easily adaptable residence time and energy input.
  • Advanced controll strategy ensuring highest product quality and reduced waste

GERICKE GZD Loss in Weight Feeders

Feeding rate

GZD100.12    0.05 kg/h - 2.5 kg/h

GZD200.12      0.5 kg/h - 25 kg/h

GZD200.22         5 kg/h - 100 kg/h

GZD300.32       20 kg/h - 200 kg/h

Even cohesive products are dosed accurately and reliably. The feeder can be delivered as single machine or as part of a fully integrated continuous feeding and mixing station for multiple components formulas.


  • The Highest feeding accuracy and the lowest standard deviation 
  • Modular design – Components can be exchanged easily to adapt the feed rate
  • Superior design for difficult flowing products
  • Removable feeding unit for fast and hygienic cleaning
  • Rotatable mounting for optimal accessibility 
  • Encapsulated drive and weighing unit
  • Usable for WIP

EasyDos Pro Controller

EasyDos Pro controller monitors the feed rate at a high sampling rate and adapts speed of feeding screws to achieve highest accuracy with low relative standard deviation RSD. It uses unique filter algorithms to assure robust and precise feeding, even with varying bulk material properties and external disturbances.  We also include the right tools for an independent validation of feeder performance.

GERICKE GCM Pharma Continuous Mixers

Gericke Continuous Mixers GCM offer the optimum combination of radial and axial mixing (dispersion), ensuring highest homogeneity with low RSD. The shape, layout and adjustment of the Gericke mixing tools have been developed based on upon 50 years of experience in continuous mixing and in collaboration with universities.

The Gericke Continuous Mixer is designed as a continuous mixer with modular components. The residence time and the energy input can be adjusted easily.


  • Maximal mixing homogeneity even with very small component proportions
  • Minimal start-up losses 
  • Easy adjustment of the mixer to vary products, recipes and capacities
  • Minimal product residue at the end of the process, with good residue discharge
  • Low space (consider footprint) requirements even with large throughputs
  • Removable mixing tool and housing for fast and hygienic cleaning


GCM 250:

GCM 450:

GCM 800 ECD:


1 - 25 kg/h

5 - 500 kg/h

100 - 1000 kg/h