Le Cone Nibleur Gericke GCN.

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Le Cone Nibleur est également utilisé pour augmenter la densité de certains produits.

Le Cone Nibleur: cet équipement de la gamme Gericke est utilisé quand une désagglomération avec des mailles très fines est nécessaire: de 2 mm à 150 µm. 

Principle of operation.

The Cone Mill incorporates a vertically mounted rotating tool which moves the material across a conical static serrated screen introducing a low velocity high impact cutting action into the product which is fed by gravity into the machine.

Sub screen size product passes through the screen into the chamber whilst oversize particles not reduced by the first pass are carried by the vortex action of the tooling up towards the inlet returning it into the cutting chamber until the desired particle size distribution is achieved.

Area of application.

Cone Mills extend the Gericke range for producing fine to very fine powders (6 mm - 150 µ). Cone Mills are used for granulation processes with small particle size distribution at the end of production processes and before filling plants.

Cone Mills are well suited for recycling tasks involving the feedback of tablets, capsules and other products that require grinding to a finer particle size or whose surface area must be increased for the subsequent thermal or dispersal processes.


  • Processing dry, moist, fatty, sticky and heat sensitive materials
  • Dry and wet granulation after high shear mixers and fluid bed driers
  • In-line processing with pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems
  • Adjustable clearance between rotor and cone sieve


  • Three standard machine sizes
  • Quick release access to cutting chamber with safety switch
  • Fully adjustable gap between rotor and screen
  • Top adjustment of rotor gap from outside of machine
  • Gap adjustment indicator
  • Quick release rotor assembly
  • Air purge seals
  • Food quality seals
  • Screen options range from 150 micron to 12 mm with various hole patterns

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