Mixing of powders – New challenges

Mixing of powders is an essential process in various industries from chemical, pharmaceutical to food. Short mixing times and excellent homogeneity while offering gentle product handling are standard challenges in defining modern mixing processes. The addition of ingredients in very low concentrations demands optimal solutions for automatic dosing as well the selection of an appropriate mixer.

New challenges concerning allergen handling, avoiding cross contamination and minimising cleaning downtime

Recently, other process criteria have also become the focus of producers. Recipes change more often. Cross contamination between different recipes must be avoided for reasons of product purity, minimising the risk of allergen contamination and to ensure correct compliance with labelling regulations.

The design of mixers, as well as the complete mixing processes, for this so called “hygienic execution” is very demanding. The key to increased productivity is the ease of cleaning, since cleaning time is dominating downtime. In the food industry, dry cleaning is the preferred option, as the risk of bacteria growth is reduced and also drying time is eliminated.

Gericke is a pioneer in designing powder mixers for hygienic and other demanding applications. Based on sound scientific knowledge, extensive tests and the experience from many installations around the globe, the double shaft mixer GMS Mixer has become the technological leader in the mixer market. New options and functionalities make the GMS now even more versatile and it is available in sizes from 140 liters up to 5’000 liters.

Extremely high mixing quality for micro components, short mixing time, gentle to the mixing ingredients and very easy to clean: This characterizes the GERICKE GMS mixer and is Gericke’s answer to the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where hygiene demands have become more and more stringent and product quality is of utmost importance.

Easy to clean and hygienic

During the redesign of the GMS mixer family, optimal cleaning allowing the operator a safe and full access to the inside of the machine has been the focus of development. Full access to the mixing chamber, shaft sealing, discharge opening and inlet flanges is mandatory to allowing dry cleaning in a short time.

Even in the standard execution, the mixer front can be opened by a huge swivelling door. In the GMS ECD version (Extractable Cantilevered Drive) the whole drive unit, including mixing rotors, can easily be extracted from the body, thus the mixing housing is empty and optimally accessible for cleaning. However, seemingly small construction details can heavily influence the speed of cleaning. How is the access to the outlet of the mixer? Can the shaft sealings quickly be dismantled for inspection or cleaning? These are two of many examples how the GMS mixers are optimally suited for the handling of allergens and highly demanding products.

About Gericke

The Swiss Gericke Group has been designing and manufacturing equipment and systems for modern bulk material processes, as well as providing design and consultation services, for more than 125 years. Gericke bulk materials processing technology can be found throughout the world in many sectors including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and construction material industries.

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