Pressure Washable Rotary Valves

Gericke RotaVal have launched an option for their class leading modular fast clean range of rotary valves which allows for the pressure wash cleaning of the exterior surfaces of the valve to IP X6 (Powerful water jets, IEC 60529, (EN 60529)).

For many years Gericke RotaVal has continuously improved its modular range of valves. This latest option enhances the in-situ cleanability of rotary valves in demanding services and environments to enhance plant cleanliness, assist in improving maintenance processes, increasing reliability, and reducing downtime and operational costs. This function is available in addition to the current CIP internal cleaning option which is already well proven in service.

This option is available for new manufacture valves and additionally as a bespoke retrofit kit that can be fitted in the field. The first systems have been delivered and are in full operation, protecting the process equipment and the products every day.

As continuous improvement is part of RotaVal’s DNA, other groundbreaking improvements to the rotor design and to the metal-to-metal contact detection systems will follow soon.

About Gericke

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