Case Studies

Over its history of more than 120 years Gericke has completed a wide range of projects in different industries. We have selected some of them for a flyer to give you an idea of our range of services.

Pneumatic dense phase conveying system for a Limestone Plant

Conveying system over a distance of 160 metres horizontal, 30 metres vertical lift with 6 conveying bends.

Pneumatic dense phase conveying system for the Cement Industry

Conveying system over horizontal distances of 120 and 200 metres, with an additional vertical lift of 25 metres.

Pneumatic conveying line into reaction vessel

Manufacture of special rubber; PVC stabilisers and associated products to increase processing throughput.

Batch production of confectionary and dessert mixes

Flexible, high throughput mixing plants installed into buildings with limited headroom. Frequent recipe changes demand simple change over and easy cleaning.

Continuous mixing of confectionary ingredients

Feeding and mixing of confectionary ingredients, chocolate and beverage powders for continuous production processes.

Gentle unloading of sodium perborate from bulk vehicles by pneumatic plug conveying

Unloading bulk tanker and low-friction conveying of sodium perborate tetrahydrate to the bulk silo.

Mixing and filling system for egg yolk powder

To improve the handling and application characteristics of egg yolk powder. Filling of drums and big bags.

Dosing and mixing of powdered activated carbon for flue gas applications

Gericke has supplied these installations as a turn key project which includes controls, silos, pneumatic conveying to final dosing point, static mixer and site assembly.

Unloading, feeding, conveying, storage, security sieving and drum filling of lactose

Complete powder handling system: From the incoming raw material in big-bags up to the packing in drums and IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Size reduction of filter cakes with the Gericke Nibbler

Gericke nibblers are suitable for reducing agglomerates and lumps after storage, drying processes or for recycling of rejected products.

Calibrating frozen products

Frozen products are processed to an exact size for further processing in the food industry to ensure consistent quality in the final product.

Abrasion resitant elbow for milling industry

Highly abrasive, the conveyed products cause an accelerated wear and tear, especially in the edges. The Gericke elbow reduces significantly the wear of the conduit and the amount of product fine particules during the conveying.

Feeding and mixing powdered activated carbond (PAC) for water treatment applications

Gericke supplies a total turnkey solution for storing and dosing powdered activated carbon (PAC) into wastewater treatment systems.

Storage and feeding system for powdered activated carbon

Together with the German company Kopf, Gericke provides a total turnkey solution for storing and feeding powdered activated carbon into wastewater. This system - known as AK-DOS® - has been installed in various wastewater treatment plants including the facility in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Screening in a bakery ingredients line

Gericke delivered the adequate production line. Two centrifugal sifters are used for safety screening before and after the mixing process.

Gericke Type GB elbow used at foundry

The Gericke Type GB pipe elbow is integrated in the pipes of various pneumatic dense-phase conveying systems in the Fritz Winter foundry in Germany.

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