Confectionary and dessert mixes.

By this, you benefit/profit directly from a higher product quality and lower maintenance cost.

Professional product management and consulting in all project steps eccellerate exholorate the speed to realise and implement a turn key project. In the plant shown below Gericke uses ist versatile double shaft multiflux mixer type GMS. This mixer mixes within a very short time as ist creates a suspension zone in between of the two shafts. This is also the place where liquid is injected. According to the process, more energy can be introduced by using of lump breakers.

In an efficient mixing process, by pneumatic conveying systems, the different ingredients are brought to intermediate hoppers which are placed on load cells. In the graph shown a special discharge equipment, the bin discharger type RA can be used to feed the ingredients into the mixer and to shutt of the product flow the same time when the required quantity of product have been brought into the mixer. The GMS empties within a few seconds either into containers or into a pneumatic dense phase vessel which conveys the product towards the conditioning line. The dense phase technology is used in order to avoid seggregation or product destruction.

Highly efficient mixing process in batches Your advantages:

  • Widely usable feeding and mixing system
  • Easy and flexible recipe management
  • High availabilty
  • Low hight requirement and requirement for space
  • Liquid injection