Hi-Tech for transport of milk powder and milk derivatives.

Lean phase conveyor systems have been used for transporting milk powder for many years. In recent years this technology has been replaced by dense phase conveying systems. Dense phase means that more material is loaded into the pipe that with lean phase conveying. To achieve this the product is fed to the pipe from pressure tanks instead of with the rotary valve.

The advantages of this technology are:

  • high loading - less air required for conveying
  • lower conveying speed - reduced damage to product
  • low conveying speed - reduces or completely eliminates fat deposits in the conveying pipe
  • less cleaning required

Milk powder and milk derivatives such as milk serum are often very highly processed products that require special treatment during processing. Spray-dried milk powders lose their instant properties when conveyed with classical lean phase systems. Highly fat-enriched milk powders leave a fat coating in the pipe, which affects the quality of the end product and also involves hygienic risks.

Gericke has implemented dense phase conveying systems in various projects; they represent a reliable and accepted solution for conveying technically highly developed milk powders and milk powder derivatives. Customers confirm that the Gericke systems increase production efficiency with higher process quality and reduce stress on the product during the conveying process compared to conventional systems.

Gericke offers the option of comparing the different systems in the company's test workshops to determine the best possible solution for a process.

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