Rotary valves by Gericke.

Rotary valves by Gericke

Using rotary valves that are adapted to the specific requirements of a powder handling application, increases the process efficiency.

Rota Val, a member of the Gericke Group, offers an extensive product range including standard rotary valves as well as hygienic valves, suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries. Rota Val manufactures also valves for bulk road tanker discharging and valves with very large entry section 600 x 800 mm. 

Rota Val valves are pressure resistant up to 10 bar and act as flame barrier.

Principle of operation.

Rotary valves principle of operation
Rotary Valve

A rotary valve is a compact device that controls the continuous discharge of particulate solids under gravity. It may also function to

  • Dose the flow of product to the required value
  • Maintain a gas pressure differential
  • Act as an explosion barrier
  • Act as a flame barrier
  • Act as a process isolator/barrier



Area of application.

Rotary Valve for conveying of milk powder

A rotary valve is a volumetric discharging device that isolates zones with different pressure. It has many areas of use in conveying systems, a few examples are:

Pneumatic conveying systems

  • To dose product from a silo into a conveying line
  • Act as an airlock between a screw conveyor and conveying line
  • Act as an airlock between a Gericke mixer and conveying line
  • Act as an airlock between a sifter and conveying line
  • Filling of process machines
  • Discharge a smooth flow of product from a hopper in to a mill


  • Controlled discharge orf hoppers
  • Continuous discharge of vacuum receiving hoppers

Industries that we sell our rotary valves into

  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Waste
  • Sewage
  • Biomass
  • Animal feed
  • Agricultural
  • Mining & Quarries
  • Plastics
  • Silo road tanker

Areas of application


Rotary valves
Hygienic rotary valve

Hygienic Series FCT, BSFCT

  • Rapid strip down and re-assembly for minimal down time
  • Tapered bore for scratch free rotor extraction and insertion
  • Both end covers can be removed for easy access to valve internals
  • Horizontal slide rails allow for the rotor to be extracted and cleaned whilst still in place attached to the end cover
  • BSFCT fabricated conveying pipe for smooth finish and flexibility on pipe size
Heavy duty rotrary valve

Heavy Duty Series HD, BS, XGD

  • Special large sizes available up to 600x1200 mm
  • Special bespoke versions designed to suit challenging customer requirements
Abrasion resistant components

Extra Heavy Duty Series EHD, EBS

  • High wear erosion resistant contact parts
  • Spare internal wear parts are easy to fit “on site” reducing the need to send the valve back to Rota Val for refurbishment
  • Greatly reduced down time for maintenance
  • Interchangeable with HD valve





Rotary valves
Hygienic Rotary Valve

Hygienic Series

  • Stainless steel 316F (Hastelloy and other special grades on request)
  • Trombone style sliding guide rails
  • 0.8Ra polished internals
  • CIP (clean in place)
  • Atex versions
  • Fully tested and certified Autonomous Protective System versions
  • RotaSafe (rotor contact monitor)
  • Tri-Clamp connections available on inlet / outlet, air purge and pocket purge
  • External polishing
Heavy Duty Rotary Valve

Heavy Duty Series

  • Cast Iron, SG Iron, Stainless steel 316F, Aluminium (Hastelloy, Inconel and other special metals on request)
  • Round or Square flange design (Bespoke flange designs on request)
  • Gland packing sealing (Lip seals, mechanical seals, Labyrinth seals on request)
  • Chain or direct drive versions
  • Atex versions
  • Fully tested and certified Autonomous Protective System versions
  • RotaSafe (rotor contact monitor)
  • ER Easy Removable rotor version
  • Internal and external polishing
  • High temperature designs up to 900°C
Extra Heavy Duty Rotary Valve

Extra Heavy Duty Series

  • Cast Iron
  • Round or Square flange design
  • Gland packing sealing (Lip seals, mechanical seals, Labyrinth seals on request)
  • SG Iron liner
  • Hardened steel replaceable blades
  • Plasma Nitride coated shaft sleeves
  • Ni-Hard end discs
  • Atex versions
  • Tungsten carbide coated liner
  • Hard chrome coated liner
  • Ceramic linings

Special Rotary Valves.

Special Rotary Valves
Special rotary valve: cast housing with elongated inlet, direct drive on rotor shaft. Fabricated housing to customers dimensions, design utitlises std cast end covers and drive components. 

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