Batch Mixer GMS Compact

Double shaft mixer for laboratories

The GMS twin-rotor laboratory mixer provides excellent mixing quality and the low speed typical of the GMS family of mixers, with usable volumes ranging from 1 to 20 litres. Its industrial design also makes it perfect for pilot plants and small production batches.

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Batch Mixer GMS Compact

Batch Mixer GMS Compact

Huge in mixing quality, small in size! The GMC Compact Mixer is used in R&D, pilot plants and production of small batches.

GMS Compact Batch Mixer
GMS Compact Batch Mixer

Your benefits

  • Fast and efficient mixing with two horizontally arranged, superimposed mixing tools that create a fluidised zone.
  • Reduced R&D costs because of low minimal filling volume
  • Easy to clean and can be sterilised out of place.
  • Easy dismantling of the mixing tools and the mixing chamber
  • Interchangeable mixing chambers
  • Operating at the optimal Froude number of 1.1, it preserves your high - quality ingredients
Disassembly of the GMS Mixer


  • For the development of recipes
  • For pre-mixes
  • For agile product development due to very short mixing times
  • Scaling-up on an early research and development stage
  • Mobile, standalone device (no pressurised air required, electric supply 220 V AC/50 Hz)
Disassembly of the GMS Mixer

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