Powder dissolution in spray towers and gentle handling of the final product after drying

The dairy industry includes both producers and users of products in powder form. In many production plants, the spray tower is at the heart of the process. Gericke brings raw materials such as sucrose, maltodextrin and whey powder towards the dissolving process. The final product is conveyed to the filling lines with maximum care and minimal attrition. Hygienic design is a must and all process equipment is designed for dry cleaning to minimise the risk of bacteria growth.

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Goat milk plant in China

Gericke machines and systems are designed for powder addition to spray tower (dissolution) and gentle handling of the final product after drying.

Sieving and rotary valve

Consistant quality in powder handling solutions

Feeders with the curtain dispense feature, Evendos®, are used for Mozzarella cheese. Our versatile components and equipment are designed to help address key challenges associated with the handling and processing of multiple and diverse ingredients.

Sieving and rotary valve

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