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Beverages and Coffee

The reference for RTD and 3-in-1 production

Today’s consumers demand a broad range of ready-to-drink and premixed products, ranging from coffee to nutritional and energy drinks. Gericke offers the right equipment to handle all the required ingredients and knows how to combine the equipment to ensure a fast return on investment, high quality product recipe management and short maintenance downtime.

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In Asia the 3-in-1 coffee premixes are very popular (instant coffee, sugar, and non-dairy creamer). Companies in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries use Gericke batching and mixing systems and equipment for both batch and continuous production.

The conveying of coffee is another good example of how Gericke can optimise this process. Here our unique expertise helps to reduce dust, contain the aroma and preserve the quality of high value coffee beans. 

Caffe Latte is a booming RTD for which Gericke delivers important process equipment including sugar mills and metering devices. 

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