Gericke - A success story for more than 125 years

Because Walther Hermann Gericke cannot find suitable employment in Zurich in 1894, the 38-year-old millwright decides to become self-employed as a master of his trade. It is the best decision of his life. Today the Gericke Group is one of the leading companies specialised in bulk materials handling technology with subsidiaries all over the world.  

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In early 2023, Rota Val Ltd. continued its integration path by changing its name to Gericke Rotaval Ltd. 

Gericke PTE Ltd. in Singapore celebrates its 30th anniversary.


A new factory is built at Gericke's headquarters in Regensdorf (Switzerland).

Introduction Gericke GUC-F. New multi-channel feeding and dosing controller.


Markus H. Gericke EY Swiss Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021. For the 24th time, EY in Switzerland has honoured innovative and committed Swiss entrepreneurs. 

Gericke Building

The continuous expansion of the business activities in BENELUX requires new and larger premises.

RotaVal celebrates 50 years of rotary and diverter valve production in the UK! 

125th anniversary of Gericke AG, Regensdorf (Switzerland)

Gericke celebrates its 125th anniversary at the main location in Regensdorf (Switzerland)!

Founders and management team of Gericke Singapore

The new feeder FEEDOS S is the starting point for a new family of volumetric and gravimetric feeders.

What a success story to celebrate! 25th anniversary of Gericke PTE Ltd. Singapore, today the major hub of Gericke for the Asian-Pacific region.

Gericke B.V., Hoevelaken

25th anniversary of Gericke B.V., Hoevelaken (Niederlande).

Quality on all levels

50th anniversary of Gericke GmbH, Rielasingen (Germany).

Establishment of Gericke USA, Inc., Somerset (NJ) USA.


A new era begins: Continuous production of pharmaceutical tablets.

Establishment of Gericke Brasil Ltda. in Sao Paulo (BR).

A successful start in Latin America! Establishment of Gericke Brasil Ltda. in Sao Paulo (BR).

EasyDos Pro

Incorporation of Gericke (Shanghai) Pte. Ltd. to develop and support our growing business in PRC.

Introduction of Easydos Pro, the advanced weight controller for our gravimetric feeder.

Sales office opened in Bangkok (Thailand).

Sales office opened in Bangkok (Thailand).

25 years jubilee of Gericke SAS France

The 25 years jubilee of Gericke SAS, Argenteuil, proves that many customers in France rely on Gericke machines and services.

Sales office opened in Jakarta (Indonesia).

100th anniversary of Gericke AG

100th anniversary of Gericke - unveiling of new steel sculpture (20 tons) by Silvio Mattioli.

Markus H. Gericke joins the company

Markus H. Gericke joins the company as General Manager of Gericke SAS, France.

Establishment of Gericke Pte. Ltd in Singapore marks the start of our success story in Asia.

Acquisition of RotaVal Ltd. in Chippenham (UK).

Acquisition of Solids Handling BV in Hoevelaken, later renamed Gericke BV.

Acquisition of RotaVal Ltd. in Chippenham (UK), a leading manufacturer of rotary and diverter valves.

Production of elbows for abrasive bulk materials.

Production of elbows for abrasive bulk materials. These wear resistant bends help to reduce maintenance costs.

GMS Multiflux mixer

Another milestone: Maximum mixing homogeneity and gentle product handling with the new GMS twin-shaft multiflux mixers.

Attractive leaflet for Archiflux conveyor

Establishment of Gericke S.A.S. in Argenteuil (FR).

Different times: Advertisement in the 70ties for the presentation of our technology.

Large order from United food with state-of-the-art automation panel

A state-of-the-art automation panel. At least state-of-the-art in the seventies of the last century.

Powtek Ltd, a strong pillar in the industrial greater area of Manchester

Establishment of Powtek Ltd, later renamed to Gericke Ltd in Manchester (UK).

Beside sales and engineering, this location also manufactures centrifugal sifters and nibblers.

New factory of Gericke GmbH in Germany

The new factory in Rielasingen (DE) marks also the launch of a new modular product range of screw feeders with homogenizers.

Production and sales of vertical cycloid screw mixers (licensed by Jenkins) and later circulating mixers

Production and sales of vertical epicycloid screw mixers type Vert-O-Mix.

Fabric hall Riela

Establishment of Gericke GmbH in Singen Germany.


Move to new factory at Althardstrasse 120 in Regensdorf (CH).

Gericke builds a new factory at Althardstrasse 120 in Regensdorf (CH). Gericke was one of the first companies to move to this city close to Zurich. Many other companies followed.

Willi Gericke and Hermann Gericke

Third generation! Willi und Hermann Gericke, the sons of Otto H. Gericke enter into the company.

Electromagnetic vibratory feeders

Supply of electromagnetic vibration feeders, later with load-dependent controller.

Pneumatic passage conveying for mills.

50th anniversary of Gericke!
A milestone for flour mills: The use of pneumatic passage conveying systems for mills.

Grass Dryers

Efficiency and ecology for agriculture with electrically heated grass dryers.


Gericke Group starts manufacturing of horizontal counterflow mixers and hammermills.

RM: Soder-Mill

The sons of the founder, Otto H. Gericke and Walter H. Gericke, take charge. 

Walter H. Gericke, the founder of the company 1894

Walter H. Gericke founds "W. Gericke, machinery factory grinder and related industries" in the industrial district of Zurich.