Saving energy and creating value every day

In its 125 years of history, Gericke has often been the leader in the development and implementation of sustainable and energy saving technologies, sometimes years before attention was drawn to these topics.

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Gericke Sustainable

We believe in expertise, outstanding quality and innovation

We believe that our long standing success is based on the excellent reputation of our company, which is the result of:

  • the expertise and skills of our esteemed employees
  • continuous innovation 
  • consistently high product quality
  • an open and honest way of conducting business
  • high ethical standards
  • obeying regulatory standards and laws
  • careful use of resources

To ensure the continuation of our success we commit to a sustainable and ethical code of doing business, based on the main pillars below.



Production & Infrastructure

  • We monitor and take measures to reduce the usage of materials and resources
  • We increase the usage of renewable energy
  • We reduce waste and recycle

We support the sustainability agenda of our customers by:

  • Using recyclable material in our design wherever possible
  • Designing products for long lifespan
  • Providing options and alternative system configurations for lower energy consumption


  • Due to the global nature of our activities, business travel is a necessity. However we use videoconferencing wherever possible to reduce traveling and CO2 emissions
  • We encourage our employees to use environmental friendly means of transport (public transport, bicycles, electric cars)
  • Use home office when and where applicable
Health and safety
Health and safety

Health & Safety

  • We strictly follow regulations and procedures to ensure the safety and health of our employees, visitors and customers
  • We set targets and monitor accidents at work as well as outside of work
  • We define safety campaigns to address individual topics (e.g. eye and ear protection)
  • We conduct emergency and safety trainings (e.g. building evacuations)
  • Our engineering activities emphasize on process, operator and installation safety
  • Our products are built to meet global and local safety standards (e.g. ATEX, IECEx), so they are safe to be used by our customers
GERICKE is an equal opportunity employer

Compliance & Business Ethics

Code of conduct

  • GERICKE has a Code of Conduct as guideline for all employees worldwide
  • We are SEDEX certified (responsible sourcing according SMETA 4 Pillars)

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • GERICKE respects all local laws and regulations and does not support any kind of questionable business practices

Child labour

  • GERICKE strictly follows work laws and regulations and condemns child labour

Equal opportunity

  • GERICKE is an equal opportunity employer
GERICKE is an equal opportunity employer