Pneumatic Truck Unloading

Pneumatic Conveying
Pneumatic Truck Unloading

Gentle, safe and reliable solutions to unload bulk tankers

Pneumatic conveying systems are widely used for the dust free emptying of bulk tankers. Use the expertise of Gericke to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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Your benefits

The advantages of pneumatic conveying systems can also be applied to the unloading process of railcars and trucks.

  • Even sensitive bulk materials can be conveyed over long distances without creating fines.
  • Dilute or dense phase convey systems
  • No dust emissions and safe to use
  • As a dense phase system being very gentle to the conveyed bulk materials and combined with high energy efficiency resulting from low air consumption
  • Adaptable to almost any application
  • High speed unloading capability – minimizing truck waiting times and improving productivity
  • Complete system integration with integrated controls or as a stand alone intake system


Unloading of railroad cars

Designed to fit your needs

  • Options to include cooled / treated conveying medium
  • Options to convey with inert gases
  • Options to include pre screening of incoming materials – by inline sieving and by inclusion of inline magnets
  • Options to sample incoming material
  • Options to automate incoming product distribution to maximize the available storage capacity
  • Modular designs to allow further system expansion and growth
  • Mobile transport systems available
Unloading of railroad cars

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