Heavy Duty Blowing Seals

Rotary Valves
Heavy Duty Blowing Seals

From hygienic to extra heavy duty

Where the valve feeds directly into a conveying line, the BSM range has been designed to optimise product conveying using computational fluid dynamics techniques.

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Heavy Duty Blowing Seals

Rotary Valves Production @ Gericke RotaVal

Our rotary valves are manufactured in our own production facility in Chippenham, UK.

RotaVal BSMC

Blowing Seal - Claneable BSMC

The BSMC Blowing Seal is a cost effective solution based on the BSM valves for occasional cleaning of the valve internal.

The non-drive end cover allows for quick removal to gain access for cleaning which can be carried out by plant operators without the need for special tools.

Various standards of finish are available to suit most hygienic applications.

RotaVal BSMC
RotaVal EBS
RotaVal EBS

Blowing Seal - Extra Heavy Duty EBS/EBSM

The EBS/EBSM is a high performance blowing seal valve for abrasive products and high pressure with full ATEX approvals.

These units have been well-proven over many years and are widely used in discharging under adverse pressure conditions, for materials such as cement, PFA, granite dust, silica sand, mineral powders etc.

RotaVal BSV

Blowing Seal Valve for Vehicles BSV

The RotaVal BSV Blowing Seal is a lightweight but robust unit that has been purpose-designed for mounting on bulk vehicles. It is suited to discharging a wide range of bulk powders and granular solids into a pneumatic conveying line.

The valve is driven by a direct coupled in-line variable speed hydraulic motor powered by the vehicle's hydraulic system.

Although the BSV Blowing Seal is designed primarily for mounting on bulk vehicles it is also used in fixed installations, normally driven by an electric motor.

RotaVal BSV

Your advantages (depending on version)

  • Highly configurable to suit virtually all applications
  • Once extracted from the housing, the rotor can be rotated for cleaning whilst still attached to the end cover
  • Tapered bore and guide rails provide scratch free rotor extraction and insertion
  • Parallel rail design with a support tray to rest motor on in hard to access places
  • Valve housings are individually pressure test for 10bar(g) explosion and flame containment requirements
  • Unique replaceable parts for wear including rotor shaft, line, blades, end discs and sleeves

Applications & industries

Thanks to its highly modular design, our blowing seals can be adapted for virtually all types of product characteristics and applications:

  • Metering device
  • Airlock, explosion containment, flame barrier and system isolation
  • Suitable for gravity, positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems 
  • Powders, granules, pellets, grain, feed and chips

These blowing seals are used in many different industries, such as dairy, food, pharmaceutical, minerals, power plants, plastics and others.

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