Rental Equipment

Test in your premises to maximise value!

Every Gericke branch has a number of rental machines. They are typically used for industrial trials in an existing production system. 

Rental machines may be integrated into an existing production process. The suitability of a machine and the effect on the bulk behavior can be easily verified!

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Nibbler rental unit for deagglomeration trials
Nibbler rental unit for deagglomeration trials

Test in your own factory

There are many reasons why you may prefer to do tests in your own factory. Sometimes the product must be fresh, keeping its characteristics from an upstream production process, or perhaps it cannot be transported to somewhere else. 

Sometimes you just need to add an additional ingredient into an existing process, so you rent a feeder. Or you run a campaign for two months a year and don’t want to invest in a machine. 

Rent it from us, produce your goods and send the equipment back afterwards.

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