Purification by feeding of activated carbon in water treatment plants

Due to its large specific surface area, activated carbon is increasingly used to absorb micropollutants in waste water treatment processes. As a specialist in powder handling, Gericke offers turnkey systems for the elimination of micropollutants by accurately feeding powdered activated carbon (PAC) into waste water streams. 

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Water Treatment

Testimonial from Sülzle Kopf

Sülzle Kopf in Germany is one of the Gericke partners for water treatment applications.

Water treatment plant

Accurate feeding

The combined knowledge of these two companies makes the AK-DOS system a leading product in gravimetric dosing of activated carbon for sewage plants. Gericke tare-compensated loss-in-weight feeders with Easydos controller are configured for the AK-DOS as modular systems and thus can be integrated in the whole range of waste water treatment systems.

Water treatment plant

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