Purification by feeding of activated carbon in water treatment plants

Due to its large specific surface area, activated carbon is increasingly used to absorb micropollutants in waste water treatment processes. As a specialist in powder handling, Gericke offers turnkey systems for the elimination of micropollutants by accurately feeding powdered activated carbon (PACAS) into wastewater streams.

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Water Treatment

PACAS Installation in the Netherlands

Bas Derks, Managing Director of Gericke in the Netherlands, presents an installation for the dosing of activated carbon in a water treatment plant.

Water treatment plant

Accurate feeding and dosing

The requirements for wastewater treatment are constantly increasing. Gericke's gravimetric feeders can be used to precisely and reliably control and monitor the quality of the wastewater treatment process. Together with other system components such as rotary valves and experience in handling activated carbon and other additives, Gericke is your partner for the entire process, including planning, installation, operation and maintenance.

Water treatment plant
Gericke PAC System
Gericke PAC System

Modular system for activated carbon processing

At Gericke, we're dedicated to revolutionising wastewater treatment with our advanced modular system designed for the efficient processing of powdered activated carbon (PACAS). Our innovative solution not only optimises the removal of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics from wastewater but also enhances overall efficiency in treatment operations. By streamlining the PACAS processing, our system ensures maximum effectiveness, resulting in improved water quality and promoting environmental sustainability. Moreover, our customisable configurations offer flexibility to meet diverse wastewater treatment needs, providing tailored solutions for specific requirements. This not only optimises resource utilisation but also contributes to long-term cost savings.

In addition to its efficiency and customisation options, our system plays a crucial role in regulatory compliance, aiding organisations in meeting environmental standards and guidelines. By mitigating the presence of harmful substances in wastewater, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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