Case Studies

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Title Category Size Type Download
Pneumatic conveying in limestone plantMinerals & Heavy Industry247 KB
Pneumatic conveying in cement industryMinerals & Heavy Industry244 KB
Conveying into reaction vessel (in german)Chemicals2 MB
Batch production in confectionary plantFood & Beverages206 KB
Continuous mixing in confectionary plantFood & Beverages1 MB
Vehicle unloading by pneumatic conveyingChemicals306 KB
Mixing system for yolk eggFood & Beverages337 KB
Activated carbon in flue gas applicationMedio ambiente188 KB
Lactose handling solutionFood & Beverages276 KB
Size reduction of filter cakes with the Gericke NibblerChemicals278 KB
Size calibration of frozen productsFood & Beverages167 KB
Elbow in milling plantFood & Beverages277 KB
Activated carbon in water treamentMedio ambiente194 KB
Storage and feeding for activated carbonMedio ambiente244 KB
Screening in a bakery ingredients lineFood & Beverages154 KB
Elbow in foundry applicationMinerals & Heavy Industry211 KB