Pharma Continuous Blender

Pharma Continuous Blender

Blending for continuous manufacturing of solids

Gericke Continuous Mixers GCM offer the optimum combination of radial and axial mixing (dispersion), ensuring highest homogeneity with low RSD. The shape, layout and adjustment of the Gericke mixing tools have been developed based on upon 50 years of experience in continuous mixing and in collaboration with universities. The residence time and the energy input can be adjusted easily.

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Pharma Continuous Blender

Gericke Continuous Manufacturing

The Gericke Formulation Skid GFS is the starte-of-the-art solution for continuous manufacturing.

Gericke Continuous Blender

Our continuous pharma blenders

GCM 250    1 - 25 kg/h
GCM 450    5 - 500 kg/h
GCM 500    100 - 1,000 kg/h
Gericke continuous blender

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