From milling and sifting to reformulation of seasonings

Salt, seasonings, spices, and pepper all enrich our life. In general, extreme care is required when dealing with raw material powders associated with spice and seasoning blends, so as to preserve the product characteristics. Gericke has many years of experience to help you determine the right solution for your process!

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Seasoning blending

Handle with care

Blending of great tasting seasonings is an old human tradition. We enable you to automate such processes whilst still taking great care of the fragile structure of many spices and accommodating the oily aspect of many ingredients. This can include pneumatic conveying of raw ingredients from silos and tipping stations to batching hoppers in the mixing area, and then conveying to different receiving areas. Gericke has realised many turnkey solutions including both automation and recipe management.

Seasoning blending

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