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GERICKE RotaVal Rotary Valves
18 Jul

Big is Beautiful: Gericke RotaVal Rotary Valves up to 1200 mm inlet size

Rotary valves are a proven equipment to discharge and convey bulk solids, to isolate pressure differentials or are used as flame barrier or explosion…

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Gericke Formulation Skid GFS LAB
11 Jul

Gericke introduces the GFS LAB for Continuous Manufacturing for formulation development

Continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms (OSD) improves product quality, reduces drug shortages and allows for shorter…

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10 Jun

Gericke FEEDOS M for Medium Capacity Dosing and Feeding

The FEEDOS M is a high-precision feeding and dosing device for medium capacities between 20 and 3600 l/h. Thanks to its modular design, it is…

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GERICKE AirCIP in action
05 Apr

Gericke introduces AirCIP: A revolutionary solution for horizontal shaft mixers

Gericke, a leading provider of powder processing equipment and systems, has announced the launch of its innovative AirCIP system that enables complete…

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GERICKE Factory in Zürich, 1907
29 Feb

Gericke celebrates 130 years

Gericke is celebrating an impressive anniversary: 130 years of bulk handling solutions. For over a century, the Swiss family-owned company has been a…

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New production building
01 Feb

Gericke Expands Operations with Inauguration of Additional Production Hall in Switzerland

Gericke, a leading global provider of innovative powder processing and handling solutions, is thrilled to announce the inauguration of its new…

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ATEX approved continuous blender from Gericke
10 Nov

Continuous Manufacturing - Now available for ATEX Zone 20!

The Gericke continuous blenders for pharmaceutical formulation have been approved for use in explosive atmospheres. It fulfills the requirements for…

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Gericke pneumatic dense phase conveying system for cocoa powder
19 Oct

Reliable and food-safe transport of poorly flowing cocoa powder for beverage production

Cocoa powders are used to provide the characteristic taste and colour of chocolate beverages. Finely ground cocoa powders are usually mixed with the…

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GERICKE GUC Feeding Controller
22 Sep

Simplified Feeding Process Integration with Preconfigured Controllers

The Gericke Group, a leading international provider of powder processing solutions, is pleased to introduce its latest advancements in feeding and…

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Gericke Turnkey Solutions
17 Aug

“The Customer’s Voice”

Gericke and Its Employees Garner Rave Reviews and Heartfelt Appreciation from Customers

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Gericke RotaVal valves certified for external washdown
13 Jul

Washdown Option for Gericke RotaVal Valves now Officially Certified

More innovative engineering from Gericke RotaVal! The IPx9K external washdown option is now officially UKAS certified. Washdown is available for world…

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Gericke 3D Scan
22 Jun

Gericke engineering teams: Expertise for you!

When looking for an engineering company, it is often not so easy to find a suitable company to supply you with a complete new production line or…

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Docking unit of a Gericke Big Bag station BBU
02 Jun

Updated design of the Gericke Big Bag Unloader

Based on customer feedback and new safety and hygiene requirements, Gericke has further developed the Big Bag unloading stations. New and innovative…

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Pneumatic conveying trials in a GERICKE test center
04 May

Demixing free conveying system for ion exchanger

Gericke has delivered a turnkey system including raw material handling. It includes feeding, mixing and conveying technologies required to produce…

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Rotary valve production at Gericke Rotaval Ltd. in the UK
04 Apr

Rota Val Ltd. becomes Gericke Rotaval Ltd.

It is with great pleasure we are able to announce that 30 years after joining the Gericke group of companies, and adding its world leading rotary…

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Continuous dry mixing installation for infant nutrition
21 Mar

Jungbunzlauer and Gericke enable tricalcium citrate for infant formula dry mix dosage

Bio-based ingredients company Jungbunzlauer (Basel, CH) and powder processing equipment manufacturer Gericke (Regensdorf, CH) herewith explain their…

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GERICKE pneumatic conveying system
02 Mar

Pre-Engineering | Speed up your project execution!

A successful project needs a well-executed concept phase. With customized pre-engineering, supported by trials in one of the test centres, Gericke…

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GERICKE Dense Phase Conveying System in a 3D Animation
02 Feb

Energy efficient transport of calcium carbonate

Energy efficient transport of poor flowing precipitated calcium carbonate for sealant production. Gericke has delivered a material handling system for…

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Robert den Hertog (Indus Bulk Logistics) & Ruud Padt (Gericke BV) accepting the Innovation Award at Solids Antwerp 2022.
16 Jan

Gericke & Indus WINS Innovations Award

Gericke & Indus WINS Innovations Award at Solids Antwerp 2022, for the new Gericke/Indus Big Bag Pallet Unloader.

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GERICKE Dosing trial
02 Dec

Gericke Test Centres – There is always one near you

Years of experience are essential for the correct design of a bulk materials processing system. But to design the system right from the start, more is…

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GERICKE Continuous Mixer GCM
06 Oct

3 hints to save energy and reduce cost in powder handling

Not all industries have the luxury of lush margins! It is therefore even more important to work with an experienced partner to design processes that…

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Final assembly of senders for pneumatic conveying systems
22 Sep

Gentle and safe transport of toxic NMC powders for battery production

Gericke has delivered multiple dense phase pneumatic transport systems for the gentle and safe transport of fine toxic NMC powders used for the…

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GERICKE GMS Mixer in a food installation in the UK
01 Sep

Gold Sustainability Award for Gericke UK

Gericke UK has been awarded Gold Sustainability accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the…

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GERICKE GMS Mixers with new drives
18 Aug

Gericke Mixers are now even more energy-efficient!

Saving energy is a key pillar of a sustainable production environment. With the introduction of highly efficient IoT drives for its GMS batch mixers,…

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GERICKE RotaVal Modular Range Valve
27 Jul

More Innovative Rotary Valve Engineering

For many years Gericke RotaVal has continuously improved its range of rotary valves. Designed and manufactured in the UK, fast clean modular range…

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GERICKE Double Sender Installations in a Dense Phase Conveying System
11 Jul

Continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying with limited height availability

Twin vessel dense phase conveying is the solution when minimal height is available and when at the same time the product needs to be conveyed gently…

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GERICKE Dosing and Feeding Systems
15 Jun

How to find the right feeder?

The accurate dosing of powders, flakes or granules is a widespread operation in all types of process industries, and for various process applications…

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GERICKE Dense Phase Conveying Systems
19 May

Gentle and energy-efficient pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic dense phase conveying is among the gentlest solutions and is often the only technology suited to transport large product volumes efficiently…

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GERICKE GMS Compact Mixer
05 May

Compact Industrial Mixing Solutions

Gericke mixing technology plays a key role in many production plants around the world. From chemical to food and pharma, customers rely on Gericke’s…

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GERICKE Automation Solutions
14 Apr

Automation solutions by Gericke

The deep understanding of the fundamental processes of feeding, mixing and conveying together with a competence in electrical engineering and…

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GERICKE Sack Tipping Stations
25 Mar

Sack Tipping Stations - Safe and ergonomic

Gericke sack tipping and feeding stations are ergonomically designed to provide safe handling for all types of sacks and boxes whilst controlling and…

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GERICKE Production in Switzerland
11 Mar

Gericke is meeting the highest quality and ethical standards

Gericke operates production and engineering facilities at various locations around the world. To prove the consistent quality and the commitment to…

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GERICKE Sack Tipping Station and GNB Nibbler
24 Feb

Easy and Safe Process Integration for the GNB Nibbler

After the successful launch of the new nibbler and deagglomerator GNB, Gericke has introduced additional executions to simplify fast and safe…

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Gericke BBU Big Bag Docking Station
10 Feb

Solutions for unloading difficult products with a Big Bag Unloader

Gericke has designed and delivered many standard and customised Big Bag Unloaders BBU for customers all over the world. Difficult products have varied…

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Gericke Formulation Skid GFS
28 Jan

The success story of Continuous Manufacturing

Over the recent years major pharmaceutical producers have started adopting continuous manufacturing methods for oral solid dosage forms, both for…

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Gericke GUC-F Feeding Controller
13 Jan

New Multichannel Feeding and Dosing Controller

Accurate feeding and dosing are fundamental in the production of high-quality products in many industries. The new GERICKE GUC-F Controller is a…

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GERICKE feeding installation
25 Nov

New Feeding and Dosing Brochure

Accurate and reliable feeding of bulk materials is at the heart of many processes. Whether feeding into a continuous mixer, an extruder, mill,…

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Markus H. Gericke wins the Swiss Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Award
10 Nov

Markus H. Gericke EY Swiss Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021

With the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award 2021, the auditing and consulting firm EY in Switzerland has honoured innovative and committed Swiss…

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GERICKE RotaVal Rotary Valve
13 Oct

Pressure Washable Rotary Valves

Gericke RotaVal have launched an option for their class leading modular fast clean range of rotary valves which allows for the pressure wash cleaning…

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Gericke GFT Sleeve
24 Sep

Gericke System Components: The building blocks to a perfect system

It is the small details that can make the difference! Gericke has a number of components and accessories in the range, specifically developed for…

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GERICKE GMS Laboratory Mixer mixing chamber
23 Aug

Gericke GMS Laboratory Mixer

All features in a compact size.
The GMS double shaft Mixers from Gericke are well known for fast and gentle mixing. The new GMS Laboratory Mixer…

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Basket inspection with a GERICKE Sifter
12 Aug

Centrifugal Sifter: Can you afford not to have one?

The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association claims the average product recall can cost a food manufacturer $10m in direct costs alone but indirect and…

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GERICKE GNB Nibbler for easy cleaning
22 Jul

New Gericke GNB Nibbler

Efficient and safe deagglomeration.
The GERICKE Nibblers have been used in many different industries such as chemical and food for efficient lump…

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Rotation contact monitoring with RotaSafe.
25 Jun

Reduce foreign body contamination

Reduce foreign body contamination with Gericke’s RotaSafe
Gericke RotaVal have launched an enhanced version of their class leading RotaSafeTM system…

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Gericke Pneumatic Conveying System.
27 May

Ergonomic and safe reactor filling

Gericke delivers ergonomic and safe reactor filling based on pneumatic conveying.
Filling of powders into a reactor vessel can represent quite a…

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Gericke Mini Batch Blender mGBM.
29 Apr

NEW | Mini Batch Blender

Gericke overcomes the challenge of low volume, high efficient continuous oral solid manufacturing (OSD). Continuous manufacturing has led to a…

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Gentle pneumatic conveying of rice grains.
15 Apr

Pneumatically convey rice grains

Can you pneumatically convey rice grains? Yes, you can!
Gericke has designed and delivered several dense phase conveying systems for transporting dry…

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Remote FAT of a feeding and mixing system
29 Mar

Gericke Remote Tests and FAT

Be Virtually There
Gericke has always put high emphasis on being close to their customers. This is also reflected in the various test centre…

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GERICKE adds partners in the Middle East and Egypt
12 Mar

Gericke Adds Partners in the ME

The Gericke Group operates a number of own subsidiaries around the globe. They cover many of the key markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas with…

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GERICKE GBM M Mixer with ploughshares
01 Mar

Ploughshare Mixers and Reactors

Gericke adds Ploughshare Mixers and Reactors to its range. To further strengthen its position as a leading global system and component provider in the…

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Modular Gericke Controller GUC
12 Feb

Internet of Things is here

With Gericke’s experience not only in powder processing but also automation and sensor integration, their systems allow for online access to sensors…

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Gericke Formulation Skid GFS for Continuous Manufacturing.
29 Jan

MMIC and Gericke

Gericke becomes a partner in the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre.

CPI and the founding partners of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation…

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Bottom view of hygienic outlet valves in open and closed position.
20 Jan

Hygienic Outlet Valves for Gericke Mixers

Gericke is introducing a new hygienic outlet valve with inflatable seals. This patented solution is ideal for applications, where frequent cleaning is…

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Fully extractable design for easy access
10 Sep

Mixing of powders – New challenges

Mixing of powders is an essential process in various industries from chemical, pharmaceutical to food. Short mixing times and excellent homogeneity…

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Gericke TCM Turbo Compact Mixer
13 Oct

GERICKE TCM Turbo Compact Mixer

Gericke's unique experience in continuous mixing and feeding has resulted in a new family of mixing solutions. With the TCM Turbo Compact Mixer it is…

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The Gericke Group expands its global footprint.
06 Aug

Gericke expands its Global Footprint

The Gericke Group operates a number of own subsidiaries around the globe. They cover many of the key markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas with…

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RotaVal EHDM
09 Sep

RotaVal EHDM rotary valve

Rotary valves operate under various conditions. They feed, convey or isolate powders of the most different characteristics. 

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