Updated design of the Gericke Big Bag Unloader

Based on customer feedback and new safety and hygiene requirements, Gericke has further developed the Big Bag unloading stations. New and innovative solutions have been developed, but also proven elements have been retained. 

Gericke has already designed and supplied many standard and customised big bag unloaders for customers all over the world. The food and chemical industries appreciate the hygienic and safe executions and thanks to the modular design, other industries also benefit from the advantages of the big bag unloaders without burdening them with unnecessary extras.

Key innovative design solutions for hygiene

To prevent product from settling on top of surface areas Gericke have angled the top and bottom bar frames to meet those hygienic requirements. 

The stretch unit has also been simplified and contains less moving parts and angled or circular bars/rods. 

The under massager has been redesigned as a standard closed profile to prevent any hygienic issues. 

Key innovative design solutions for safety

To improve the operator safety Gericke have met with various customers to look at the functionality within practice to distinguish any potential risks to the operators. In conclusion, they have made two significant changes:

For open accessibility from the front of the unloader, they have removed the beams that hindered the operators access to the docking station. 

Hoisting of Big Bags can now be loaded from the back or side of the unloading frame, operators are no longer at risk of Big Bags falling onto them while docking the Big Bag to the unloading station. This versatility is also a positive for those with limited space requirements as technically the top frame with hoist can be placed on any desired side. 

Testing facilities

The biggest advantages are that Gericke has testing facilities to confirm that the customer has chosen the right set up for his product/environment and the design meets all the latest ergonomic principles.