Dilute Phase Conveying

Pneumatic Conveying
Dilute Phase Conveying

Easy to implement and versatile conveying solutions

Dilute, or lean phase, pneumatic conveying systems are the perfect solution for many non-sensitive and non-abrasive powders or bulk materials. The process can be designed as vacuum or pressure system.

They also offer advantages if only limited headroom is available for the system installation.  

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Dilute Phase Conveying

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying system

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying system can be a good fit for many conveying tasks.

This video explains the integration of a rotary valve into such a system.

Rotary valves in lean phase application

Your Benefits

  • Gericke lean phase conveying systems are economical and reliable solutions  
  • Budget friendly
  • Simple setup of the system
  • Little headroom necessary for installation
  • The throughput can be varied by controlling the rotational speed of the rotary valve
Rotary valves in lean phase application
Heavy duty rotary valves Extractable blowing seal type BSMF


  • For grains, granules and fine flowing powders
  • Conveying of raw materials from silos, Big Bag and sack tipping stations 
  • Nitrogen conveying with closed N2 loop
  • Continuous or batch mode conveying of materials
  • Can be used with in-line sifter for screening applications
  • Gericke RotaVal valves can be used as autonomous safety devices to isolate ATEX zones; the valve mitigates flame propagation

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