Control solutions and electrical engineering

Our deep understanding of the fundamental processes of feeding, mixing and conveying together with our competence in electrical engineering and automation makes us the the ideal partner to supply you with complete turn-key systems. For the best support of our customers, we are also working together with long established partners in the field of automation. Depending on the application we also support our customers by building compact panels or separate main and field control cabinets.

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Electrical Cabinet

Where automation meets process know-how

With our own solution for gravimetric feeding, Easydos, as well as the STP 61 for pneumatic conveying, our customers can save programming costs with an approved system.

The STP 61 allows you to run the conveying system also during commissioning or maintenance procedures whilst your PLC is being updated.  This offers increased flexibility whilst safely keeping your system up to date. Our experience is that our customers save a lot of time by using an STP 61 controller in addition to a PLC. All controllers can run independently or integrated into a PLC utilising a variety of latest state of the art interfaces. 


Control Cabinet

Control design

Gericke can specify, develop and supply automation and control designs that integrate safety standards and provide suitable visualisation and recipe management in order to guarantee an economical system with a high degree of flexibility. 

STP 61 Pneumatic Conveying Controller

Programming and software

The software is intensively tested before delivery to reduce the time required for commissioning in the factory. Customers can select various options to take advantage of our service support via remote access to the system controller after commissioning.

Screenshot from a Gericke Controller


We offer platform-independent visualisation systems that offer maximum ease of operation and provide recipe management, trend displays and alarm logs customised for the requirements and specifications of the system operator. 

Our automation team are able to build a user friendly HMI or a full integration into a local system.  We are also willing and able to work together with other partners whom you may wish to use for some elements of the project.

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