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Rotary valves are a common product in many powder handling applications. RotaVal products combine the expertise from a dedicated valve manufacturer with the global experience from many successful installations.

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RotaVal HDM

Rotary Valves - Heavy Duty HDM

The HDM is our general purpose rotary valve line, able to cover many standard applications.

The HDM rotary valve has been designed using finite element analysis to make the housing even more robust. 

RotaVal HDM
RotaVal HDMC
RotaVal HDMC

Rotary Valves - Heavy Duty Cleanable HDMC

The HDMC rotary valve is a cost effective solution based on the HDM valves for occasional cleaning of the valve internal.

The non-drive end cover can be quickly removed to gain access for cleaning which can be carried out by plant operators without the need for special tools.

Various standards of finish are available to suit most hygienic applications.

RotaVal HDMF

Rotary Valves - Heavy Duty Fast Clean HDMF

The USDA Dairy Accepted HDMF rotary valve is based on the HDM valve and provides users with increased productivity through a design that realises minimal down time for frequent cleaning of valve internals.

The non-drive end cover incorporates the new Rota-lign™ bearing assembly. This is a self-centralising rotor design to aid dismantling and re-assembly. So cleaning can be carried out by plant operators without special tools.
Should full access be required there is also an option for drive end cover removal.

A robust construction makes this fast clean range suitable for use in nearly all types of industry and with no special tools needed to gain access to the valve internal, it's very operator and process friendly.

RotaVal EHDM
RotaVal EHDM

Rotary Valves - Extra Heavy Duty EHDM

The Gericke RotaVal EHD units have been well-proven over many years and are widely used in discharging under adverse pressure conditions, materials such as cement, PFA, granite dust, silica sand, mineral powders etc.

  • Replaceable internal components allow for on-site refurbishment.
  • Standard valves manufactured in cast iron / SG iron / carbon steel construction with round flange. To further enhance durability replaceable body liner can be hard chromed or ceramic coated.
  • Rotor shaft sealing options include various types of gland packing, mechanical seals, air or grease purge.

NOTE: Service life of these valves will vary according to the service conditions prevailing. Selection must be undertaken with care and system conditions where possible adopted to ensure maximum service life. 

RotaVal HDMF Dairy

Your advantages (depending on version)

  • Highly configurable to suit virtually all applications
  • Once extracted from the housing, the rotor can be rotated for cleaning whilst still attached to the end cover
  • Tapered bore and guide rails provide scratch free rotor extraction and insertion
  • Parallel rail design with a support tray to rest motor on in hard to access places
  • Valve housings are individually pressure test for 10bar(g) explosion and flame containment requirements
  • Unique replaceable parts for wear including rotor shaft, line, blades, end discs and sleeves
  • USDA dairy accepted (HDMF)
RotaVal HDMF Dairy
Rotary Valves

Modular Fast Clean Rotary Valves

The market leading clean rotary valves from Gericke RotaVal offer great access, reduce cleaning time and allow for quick inspection. This video shows the main features of this modular rotary valve family.

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