Dust-tight material handling and automatic recipe batching for resins, fillers and pigments

The powder raw materials used for the production of paints often have challenging handling properties resulting from their extremely fine, and often cohesive, nature. In many plants, handling is still manual. However, Gericke offers automated solutions from raw material reception, tipping, intermediate storage and automated recipe preparation for delivering the powder materials to the dispersion and dissolution vessels. 

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Elbows for abrasive pigments

Turnkey solutions

Gericke delivers turnkey solutions for emulsion paint including the raw material storage, conveying and recipe management into liquid mixers. 
Powder coating compounds are mixed directly in the GMS batch mixers upstream of extrusion.  Their advantage lies in their fluidised bed approach which allows the particles to move without heating up, or inducing a pressure effect.

The Gericke test centres, in Europe, Asia and the Americas, play an important part in the definition of the correct plant design. Here we can work with you, in person or remotely, to test the proposed process using your material under real life conditions, giving you the peace of mind to get the right solution!

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