Big Bag Unloader BBU

Big Bag Unloader BBU

FIBC Handling: Modular, flexible and dust-tight by design

The GERICKE BBU Big Bag Unloader® consists of standardised components, which can be combined to form application-specific solutions for FIBC. This not only enables us to build units exactly for your current needs, but also enables adjustment or modification of the unit later, if your requirements change.

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BBU - Outlet fixations

Twin-ring Docking Station

  • Inner ring adjustable to discharge spout
  • Contact pressure of cover is adjustable
  • Optional dedusting or vacuum application at the back of the station
  • Single ring connection as alternative
  • Dust-free docking station ensures optimum process and operator safety
  • State-of-the-art working safety and maintenance-friendly

Discharge Box

  • Simple mechanical execution ensures high process reliability 
  • For low dusting products the sealing is done by the Big Bag itself
  • Optional dedusting at the back of the station 
  • State of the art working safety and maintenance-friendly

BBU - Integrated hoist installation


  • Load carrying beam: 2000 kg
  • Hoist beam: 2700 mm length, (1200 mm sits outside the frame) 
  • Lifting cross made of carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Hoist with 1000 kg up to 2000 kg load capacity 
  • Option: Hygienic execution/ food grade oil 
  • Option: Reduced installation height
  • Option: ATEX-Executions for dust or gas zone

Alternatives for Big-Bag loading

  • To the ceiling
  • Via central crane 
  • Via fork lift truck
BBU Big Bag Unloader

BBU – Process connections

  • Direct discharge into hopper
  • Discharge into intermediate container
  • Via nibbler and rotary valve into lean-phase pneumatic conveying line
  • Into sending vessel and dense-phase conveying 
  • Via feeder into vacuum conveying line
  • Direct discharge into vacuum conveying
  • Feeding into hopper or reactor
  • Inclined conveying screw 
BBU Big Bag Unloader
FIBC Station
FIBC Station

Closing device for partially empty Big Bags (option)

  • 2 pneumatically operated slide gates close the outlet spout while material flows out 
  • Robust execution
  • Hygienic or non-hygienic design available 
  • Retrofit kit available
  • Minimised installation height
  • Optimised adaptation to local recipe mixture
  • Fail-safe and maintenance-free 
BBU Docking Station

BBU - Containment

System depending on OEL classification  

We have solutions for: 

  • Special attention to connection and dedusting
  • Disposal of empty FIBC

BBU – Hygiene

  • Open profile frame
  • Stainless Steel hoist beam and frame
  • Polished finish for all contact parts 
  • Hoist special execution; ss wheels, ss chain or belt
  • Drip pan
  • Protection cover open inlet
  • Fully welded 
  • Single ring docking station with spillage ring 

BBU – Other module options

Module options: 

  • Vibrating table or paddle system for better flowability
  • Stretch device to facilitate emptying of the Big Bags
  • Weighing unloading station and or crane 
  • Scale/complete emptying frame
  • Vacuuming of the Big Bag before dismantling
  • De-dusting filter unit
  • Logistic - roller conveying system 
  • Empty bag disposal

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