Abrasion can be solved

Sand, limestone and soda ash are the key ingredients in the glass manufacturing process. Pneumatic conveying can be a suitable solution to unload trucks and railcars and also transport material internally.

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Dense phase conveying

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Opportunities to reduce energy usage are always welcome, and often crucial. Gericke dense phase conveying systems significantly reduce air consumption when compared to other systems. The low conveying speed, with pneumatic Plug and dense phase technology, reduces wear to an absolute minimum and the Gericke bends allow virtually abrasion-free diversion of the product flow. Gericke successfully handles materials like Dolomite, Feldspat and Clay; Dense materials that require know how to convey properly.

Conveying abrasive mineral

Additive feeding

Gericke feeding equipment also allows for accurate addition of additives and colours. These pigments often have poor flow characteristics. Gericke feeders are made to dose reliably and promote product flow, due to their specialised geometry.

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